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Our History

It all started back in year 2008, where our founder saw the vision and market potential for Agarwood tree. He envisioned that one day, Agarwood trees could be one of the game changers in many industries where the biggest industry today is in perfume industry. Fascinating by life cycle of Agarwood tree compared to other plantation, he seized this opportunity by becoming one of the inoculation suppliers and researcher and never look back ever since.

  • Sustainable investment

    through commercial forestry, Agarwood can bring a positive impact to the local eco-system and importantly our technology doesn’t involve any dangerous chemical that will harm the environment.

  • Hedge against inflation

    Agarwood command a high demand plus its lack of correlation with traditional financial instrument and commodities like gold makes it resilient to the fluctuations of other asset classes.

  • Billion-dollar industry

    a growing demand in larger market such as Middle-East, Asia, USA, and Europe for its chips, oil, carvings, incense products, and traditional medicine versus its limited supply has caused price skyrocketed over the years.

  • Symbol of wealth

    In Asia, Agarwood are widely used from prayer, decoration, traditional medicine and many more. However, until today, it is still described as “only the rich will use it” because of its price and the rare supply in the market. China people symbolize Agarwood with luck.