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We would like to extend our warm welcome and services to Agarwood plantation owner and also farm owner who wish to be part in this Agarwood industry and to understand more how this industry can benefits them. URYL also have developed a “farmer agarnomic programme” where this program is to help Agarwood farmer who doesn’t have the proper access to Agarwood plantation knowledge, the right inoculation technique to boost their agarwood trees’ production, and access to end-user market after the harvesting process.

Joint Venture

Open to existing Agarwood farm owner who wish to collaborate with us on the inoculation part by using our in-house formula and technique. Our team of expert will arrange a visit on your Agarwood farm for free consultation and to give the best advice pertaining your agarwood plantation and to make sure both parties will gain the mutual benefit out from this collaboration.

Agarnomic programme

This programme is eligible to existing Agarwood farmer who wish to collaborate with us. Upon the application, our management team will conduct a site visit and to do a proper due diligence with applicant. Applicant will need to submit a few documents before our team of management will contact you. For more information please leave us a message.

Other Opportunity

We would like to invite interested individuals to become our introducer to introduce our services and products such as agarwood seedlings to other agarwood farmer and ready-to-be agarwood plantation owner. Our referrals programme is open to Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam.