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Our Service


Our professional and experienced management team involved of taking care Agarwood plantation with the right holistic approach, provide in-house inoculation, harvesting and provide expertise to ensure their Agarwood trees could produce high quality resin.


We provide free consultation to existing Agarwood plantation owner and Plantation owner who wish to kick start their journey in Agarwood plantation. Our expertise is equipped with more than 15 years of experience and knowledge.


To start an Agarwood plantation business required the right knowledge and expertise with vast experience to assist you from day one. Most of our clients are agriculture land owner who wish to utilize their land and wish to convert it as an income.

Joint Venture

One of our company missions is to uplift the current living status of Agarwood farmer through our “Agarwood Alleviation Program” – that is to assist Agarwood farmer with the sufficient funds, expertise and collaboration after the harvesting is done.


In order for Agarwood trees to be valuable, they will need to produce a dark resin and throughout the process, these trees need to be infected and as an immune response it will produce dark resin – that is the valuable part from the tree. Using our in-house RGT361 – 5th generation, each tree can be harvested as early as 5 years old with resin.

Agarwood Products

We set to be the game changer in Agarwood industry by offering high quality Agarwood products at competitive price and make it affordable for everyone. With our current plantation capacity, we aim to capture 20% - 35% of Asia market by year 2025.